Why it makes sense

Chiro - Thoracic Mobilization

We believe healthcare shouldn’t be so messy. Healthcare should work with you to build optimal health and performance. The status quo pays too much attention to illness and injury rather than creating long-term health. Most healthcare facilities charge a fee-for-service. This means they make more money when you are sick and injured. ┬áIn fact, they only make money when you are sick and injured. Our monthly rates align our incentives with yours. Our business is keeping you healthy!

Upper Echelon provides:

  • Phone, email, video, chat.
  • Data communication through web-portal: exercise metrics, sleep, diet, biometrics, etc.
  • Continuous service, not just at appointments!
  • Wellness, fitness, performance training.
  • Health maintenance: Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture.
  • Primary Care.
  • Coordinated care, aligned values, all for a set monthly fee!

Group Training Class - Strength and Conditioning