Our Story


Upper Echelon was born with the mission to help our customers achieve their optimal human performance, with mind-blowing user experience along the way!

Our roots are in the sport of cycling. It was here that we learned the value in building relationships and collecting data. In the mid-1990s we began using hear rate monitors, power meters, and other gadgets to measure our training workload and the response of our body. We began uploading this data, though primitive, and emailing it to coaches and creating excel spreadsheets to communicate trends and training plans. The early days of “Internet of Things” and “Quantified Self” movement that would become more common 20 years later.

Another value we glean from sports is the relationship with our medical professionals. Our roots are in sports, where the healthcare staff is contracted to keep the team healthy, not only treat injuries. A value that remains at our core. Our business is in keeping our clients performing optimally.

Over time, we developed our philosophy for performance; one must have the physical ability, mental capacity, and underlying health foundation to perform optimally.  This 3-pillar approach must be measured and structured in the plan. We have found that this not only works for athletes, but works for life performance in all areas. This is essential for stellar performances on the weekend cycling ride, for a thriving family life, and for success in your career.