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Understanding FTP and FTHR

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When I begin working with a new client, one of the first things we do is test for functional threshold. This is fundamental for creating a custom training program. This article will go over the basics of functional threshold: what it is, how to test it for both power and heart rate, and how to set-up personalized zones based on those results.

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Cyclocross Race Day Preparation and Warm-Up

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Cyclocross starts are essential for a successful race. Unique to this discipline, the hardest sprint comes at the beginning of the race unlike a road race or criterium where the sprint is at the finish. If you hope to contend in a cyclocross race you should be near the front during the first lap. You don’t need to be in the lead, but you need to be free of the mid-pack congestion. With the lead in sight, you can pace yourself. Hopefully saving enough for the final one to two laps of the race when you will need to turn up the intensity to battle for the win. The pre-race preparation for cyclocross and warm-up is crucial. Arrive early and be prepared to give yourself the best chances. Here are a few tips to help: