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Preparing for Success – Cyclocross Warm-Up Recommendations

“The shorter the event, the longer the warm up” is a common saying in cycling. Pair this with the fact that the first effort in a cyclocross race is one of the hardest efforts experienced in bike racing, you need to show up to the line ready to throw-down a great effort while simultaneously being able to pace yourself through the full race. A good warm-up is going to help greatly for both of these demands. Continue reading »

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Guest Blog by Dwayne Farr: USA Cycling Elite Road Race Championship

I had the USA Cycling Elite Road Race Championship circled on my calendar since early February. Finishing within the top ten percent of the field was my goal and I knew it would be a tall order. Early this year I sat down with Will Laubernds to discuss big goals for the season and a rough plan of how to best prep for nationals.

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